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The olive oil Olon is an extra virgin product from the island of Limnos and the Olon Estate. After we have collected our olives by hand, we transfer them directly to our private cold-press Olive mill, where it turns into a transparent oil of unique aroma that has not been subjected to any additional processing.
The first evoo we produced is the strictly organic oil, monovarietal, from Koronaiki olive tree variety. Well known for its very low acidity and its richness in polyphenols, thanks to the careful cultivation, harvest and elision. We also produce the organic monovarietal Throubolia.
«Olon» in Greek means «everything», thus this Estate seems to have a very ambitious name. It is though perfectly accurate as it refers to olive oil. The «liquid gold» according to Homer and the «great therapist» according to Hippocrates, the olive oil is the most important element in Greek cuisine.
In addition to its characteristic aroma and its inconceivable taste, surveys have proved that the olive oil is an extra beneficial good for health.

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